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Jacket Grace Line

In Stock 89.01 USD Question to manager
Brand: Vipskate
Availability: In Stock
Product Code: Jacket Grace Line
Grace Line sweatshirt version:

Sweater-dress. We present you a sweater-dress with corset imitation. The model is designed in such a way that visually emphasizes the waistline, making it already and gives to your figure a unique curve of the Spanish guitar. Not for nothing at all times women used corsets. But it was very uncomfortable, it is hamper the movements and, in addition, it is harmful to health, and in our model, all exactly the opposite. In the present model, all details are comfortable, functional and very elegant. Girls, do not hesitate to wear beautiful and comfortable things - the beauty is not always requires sacrifice!

Термоткань Vuelta/Colorado
Textured Thread

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Size Height, cm. Bust, cm.
Younger age


110-116 52
28 116-122 56
30 122-128 60
32 128-134 64
34 134-140 68
36 140-146 72
Senior age 38 146-152 76
40 152-158 80
42 158-164 84
44 164-170 88

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