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About Us

The Studio-Workshop of Fashionable Sportswear «VIPSKATE»

    Everyone who comes to the world of figure skating and chooses to itself training clothes, knows how necessary to combine seemingly incongruous things: elegance and smoothness of lines with the comfort and protection from the cold. Even more complexity is the selection of costumes for the competition, in particular for the Masters, it is necessary to take into account all: customer desire of unearthly beauty and elegance, wear resistance, thermal protection, as well as availability of bright details that emphasizing the program and often revealing its main idea.

    All this multitasking, a studio-workshop «VIPSKATE», knows directly from the horse’s mouth. In 2009, precisely from the close cooperation with the life of Figure Skating, and raised the idea of creating studio, which is able to meet the most exacting taste.

    Currently we are prepared to offer training clothes to practice figure skating, sports gymnastics and dance and also for the classical choreography. All models from our collections you can order in any color and size. Term of manufacturing of the order is approximately one week.

    But if you are interested in clothing, which is intended for competitions and performances, in each case, the period of execution of the order is discussed individually. This is due to the fact that the process from creating a sketch to the embodiment of the image in the tissue, is very scrupulously and multistage process. First and foremost we will need a music record of your program, and we refine the wishes to suit from your Coach. Then our designers will develop a series of sketches. After specification the chosen visual image, we offer you a tissue, possible finishing materials, rhinestones and other accessories. Next, we take measurements and proceeding from these data, the designer develops a pattern exclusive to you. The next step is different fitting, the number of which also depends on the complexity of the artistic image that you embody. At the conclusion are performed pasting of your costume by rhinestones. In aggregate, all of these actions create not having analogues artistic image, in the incarnation which fully takes into account all your wishes.

    In the manufacture of clothing, we always only use the best fabric of Italian production, which we order directly from the factory. Due to this factor, we guarantee our customers the convenience, comfort, functionality and wear resistance and high quality of offered products.

    With us, collaborating as stars of figure skating of first magnitude, so, and the very young athletes who are just starting your way. But no matter who our client, we always remember what a titanic work is hidden before receiving of cherished medals and achievements and for us it is an honor, an opportunity to decorate your daily life, and make a beautiful, comfortable and exclusive your way to the summit.

The Studio-Workshop «VIP SKATE» - we will help you touch the stars!

  • +7 (903) 555-79-43
  • +7 (903) 555-79-43